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Italian Chef Mysteries

Penne Dreadful

Catherine Bruns

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Paperback (BC)
01 Aug 2019
416 pages - 175 x 107 x 25mm
Italian Chef Mysteries


Local chef Tessa Esposito is struggling to get back on her feet following her husband's fatal accident. And when the police knock on Tessa's door, things just get worse. They've discovered Dylan's death wasn't an accident after all, and they need Tessa to start filling in the blanks. Who would want her beloved husband dead, and why? With the investigation running cold, Tessa decides it's time to save her sanity by reconnecting with her first love - cooking. And maybe the best way back into the kitchen is to infiltrate Dylan's favourite local pizza parlor, which also happens to be the last place he was seen before he died. But the anchovies aren't the only thing that stink inside the small family business, and with suspects around every corner, Tessa finds that her husband's many secrets might land her in hot water.
Tessa can't bake heads or tails of her husband's murder in this first book in the Italian Cooks cozy mystery series!
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