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Peel Discover

Peel & Discover: Cars! Trucks! Trains! And More

Workman Publishing

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Paperback (BC)
01 Jun 2020
26 pages - 262 x 214 x 4mm
Peel Discover


When all the stickers are gone full-colour fact sheets with cool photos remain. It’s the sticker book series that keeps kids coming back for more! Introducing an exciting new addition to the series that makes learning stick! Cars! Trucks! Trains! And More celebrates the vehicles that move us and thrill us with their speed and cool features. There’s the biggest dump truck. The world’s subways (Tokyo’s carries the most passengers at 3.5 billion per year). The canoe (developed a jaw-dropping 10,000 years ago). Includes six sticker pages with tons of colourful stickers. Peel them off to discover the fascinating fun facts underneath! The stickers can then be used to decorate and personalise the twenty activity pages. When all of its stickers have been removed, each sticker page transforms into a beautifully designed full-colour fact sheet.
Peel & Discover: Horses 9781523503605 and Peel & Discover: Dinosaurs 9781523503582
Peel Discover combines sticker play and trivia for the kid who loves both! Each book has six sheets of stickers, 20 interactive activity pages, and 60 fascinating facts about kid-friendly topics like vehicles, dinosaurs, the ocean, and outer space! Just peel the stickers and discover fascinating facts underneath!
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