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Paper Hearts

Ali Novak

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01 Mar 2017
336 pages - 210 x 140 x 15mm

Felicity’s social climbing parents want her to go to law school. She goes along with it, getting straight A’s and even working at the local golf club to save up tuition money. But Felicity soon realises that the best things in life are unplanned - like when she bumps into famous Heartbreakers band member Alec at a charity event. After finishing up a Heartbreakers tour, Alec heads to the golf course for some much needed R&R. The last thing he expects to find is the girl he spilled his drink on the night before… and quickly discovers smart, pretty girls are just as good at relieving stress as golf. Alec and Felicity become fast friends, and before long Felicity finds herself confiding in Alec about all of her problems.

So when Felicity discovers a distressing secret her parents have been keeping about her sister, Alec hops in the passenger seat for a rebellious road trip to reclaim Felicity’s sister. But will Alec be able to help Felicity turn the road to rebellion into the road to true happiness?

An exciting companion to The Heartbreakers from Wattpad sensation Ali Novak. When famous Heartbreakers band member Alec spills a drink on Felicity, the last thing she expects is for them to become friends. But a few short weeks later, Alec is sitting shotgun on Felicity’s rebellious road trip. Will Felicity ride off into the sunset with Alec or will he turn out to be just another heartbreaker?

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