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One Good Dish

David Tanis

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01 Dec 2013
256 pages - 229 x 178 x 22mm

David Tanis knows what we want. Sometimes it’s pasta for breakfast or a bowl of butter-steamed potatoes for lunch. Eccentricity is celebrated in this utterly delightful collection of personal favourites that satisfy every need. His simple and delicious small meals have more allure than a big plate of protein with a vegetable and starch. Here are recipes for any time of day, for any reason, from the restaurant chef whose passion is home cooking. He is ever the original, with chapters organised around delightful themes, such as meals you can eat with a spoon, recipes you can cook in a skillet, and recipes where bread makes the meal. And every recipe has that uniquely ‘Tanisian’ touch: his popovers, made with fine cornmeal, are the perfect combination of air and crunch; his tartare is made with red beets, not raw beef; his spicy scallion oil makes cold chicken sing. And throughout there’s that calming, reassuring voice readers have come to love and trust.

Heart of the Artichoke 9781579654078, A Platter of Figs 9781579653460

One delicious dish, prepared with care and eaten with pleasure, is - more often than not -exactly what we want. No one understands this more than David Tanis, whose new book includes one hundred easy to love recipes.

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