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The My Life series

My Life as a Youtuber

Janet Tashjian

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Hardback (BB)
01 May 2018
Macmillan [1570]
272 pages - 211 x 140 x 24mm
The My Life series


Derek Fallon finally found something to get excited about at school - an extracurricular class on making videos! Together with his friends Carly, Matt, and Umberto, Derek can’t wait to create his own Youtube web series. But he soon realises Youtube stardom is a lot of work. On top of that, it’s time for his foster monkey Frank to go to monkey college so Derek must scramble to find a reason for Frank to stay with his family - if only a little while longer. Can Derek solve both problems at once? What if Frank became a part of Derek's Youtube videos? Here's another funny and thoughtful novel in the series.
MY LIFE AS A CARTOONIST 9781250073389, MY LIFE AS A JOKE 9781250103888, STICKER GIRL 9781627793353 and MY LIFE AS A GAMER 9781627796057
Derek Fallon becomes a popular Youtuber in Book 7 of the much loved My Life series.
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