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Peach Coast Library Mysteries

Murder Out of Character

Olivia Matthews

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Paperback (BC)
27 Oct 2022
Simon & Schuster
336 pages - 216 x 14 x 22mm
Peach Coast Library Mysteries


Marvey, still adjusting to life in Peach Coast, Georgia, is at a library fundraising event when she comes across a list of four names. One is the name of someone who recently died — and who may have been murdered. Another is Spencer Holt, the handsome newspaper owner who’s become one of Marvey’s best friends. The four people appear to have nothing in common other than living in Peach Coast. Spencer dismisses the list at first, but before long, he has to admit he may be in danger. As Marvey prepares for a visit from her parents, can she, Spencer, and their intrepid librarian friends stop a killer bent on long overdue revenge?
Marvey, a small-town librarian, finds a mysterious list of names… and what happens next can’t be a coincidence! If you love Hallmark mystery movies, you’ll love this cozy mystery with humor, intrigue, and a hint of romance.
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