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Modern Eclairs: and Other Sweet and Savory Puffs

Jenny McCoy

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01 Apr 2016
Houghton Mifflin
240 pages - 203 x 177 x 16mm

Move over, macarons; catch you later, cupcakes: Éclairs are the new pastry du jour. Delicious and adorable and fun to make at home. These tiny treats are the perfect vehicles for all your favorite flavors (sweet and savory). Here, pastry chef Jenny McCoy shares incredible recipes for éclairs and all their relatives: cream puffs, profiteroles, Paris-Brests, religieuses, gougères, and more. The best part is that all of these creations are made from the same simple choux pastry: Once you master the basic recipe, it’s endlessly customisable, from Lemon Meringue Éclairs to “Whoopie Puffs” to New England “Lobster Rolls.” Recipes include traditional, fruity, chocolate, frozen, savory, and holiday-themed iterations, some classic, some clever but all irresistible.

100 cute, fun, and easy recipes for the newest dessert darling - éclairs plus cream puffs, profiteroles, gougères, and more, from pastry chef and author of Desserts for Every Season Jenny McCoy.

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