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Metaphorical HER

James Maddox

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Leather / fine binding (BG)
13 Mar 2023
Simon & Schuster
320 pages - 260 x 168 x 20mm


Our hero, Laney Petra, takes a social misstep and offends the man who holds the keys to success in her chosen field of work - poetry. Discovering an unlikely audience in the local rock scene, Laney shows that she can build a sizable following of outsiders that will force the poetic scene to recognize her and her work. All the while, Laney must fend off the people who want to cage her, her friends, and hinder their ambition. One of the series’ most interesting and unique features of Metaphorical HER lies in its literal use of metaphor in the art, taking ideas and actions that would normally be overlooked and presenting them in graphic detail.
Humiliated and exiled, a poet builds an underground following within the ravenous rock scene through her enlightening poetry.
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