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Markets of Provence: Food, Antiques, Crafts, and More

Marjorie R. Williams

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13 May 2016
320 pages - 152 x 121 x 20mm


Provence is justly famous for its dazzling light, vibrant colours, rich history, and flavourful foods and wines. And its markets have been the beating heart of Provençal life since the Middle Ages. In Markets of Provence, Marjorie Williams whisks you away to 30 of the best. This pocketable guide, complete with detailed maps and organised by days of the week, gives you all the information you need for your visit.

Included are: indispensable advice on timing, navigation, negotiation and payment; tips on etiquette while surveying vendors' produce; and even some language lessons to help you brush up on your essential française. Complete with restaurant recommendations and other useful tips, this book will help you get the most out of the experience. Supplemented with beautiful full colour photographs and colour coded maps, Markets of Provence is a must have for every traveler.

For curious travelers and foodies, essential and curated information on how to enjoy Provence's most charming markets and towns.

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