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Love Notes to My Self: Meditations and Inspirations for Self-Compassion and Self-Care

Tanya Carroll Richardson

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Paperback (BC)
18 Apr 2022
256 pages - 152 x 152 x 20mm


There are days when we all need it—a reminder to care for ourselves, empower ourselves, motivate ourselves, and love ourselves, fiercely and unconditionally. And this is the book to help us do it. Created by the beloved self-help author Tanya Carroll Richardson, whose Page-A-Day calendar A Year of Self-Love has brought the concept of daily self-care to many, Love Notes to My Self is an illustrated collection of more than 200 gently encouraging messages, uplifting affirmations, and mantras. I can say no, with love, when yes is not an authentic answer. When I say no to some things so I can say yes to others, I’m not only authentic, I become my own savior and superhero . . . Let me remember the superpower of no, and that sometimes the biggest obstacle to my happiness is what I say yes to. Whether read slowly cover to cover, opened up to a random page each day, or picked up just when you need a lift or a boost of motivation,
A special keepsake book (and lovely, caring gift) to empower yourself, motivate yourself, love yourself—fiercely and unconditionally—from spiritual and self-help author Tanya Carroll Richardson.
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