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Love Me for Who I Am

Love Me for Who I Am Vol. 4

Kata Konayama

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Paperback (BC)
24 Aug 2021
Seven Seas
180 pages - 180 x 127 x 10mm
Love Me for Who I Am


Mogumo is a cute but lonely high school student who just wants a few loving friends. Fellow student Iwaoka Tetsu invites Mogumo to work at his family’s café for “cross-dressing boys,” but he makes an incorrect assumption: Mogumo is non-binary and doesn’t identify as a boy or a girl. However, Mogumo soon finds out that the café is run by LGBT folks of all stripes, all with their own reasons for congregating there. This touching manga explores gender, gender presentation, and sexuality from many different angles, including the ways people are pushed to conform in a world that doesn’t understand them... until the world begins to learn, one person at a time.
Love Me for Who I Am Vol. 1 9781645054672, Vol. 2 9781645057628, Vol. 3 9781648271014
An LGBT manga about finding friendship and common ground at an untraditional maid café!
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