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Lincoln's Lieutenants: The High Command of the Army of the Potomac

Stephen W. Sears

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Paperback (BC)
01 Jul 2018
Houghton Mifflin
896 pages - 228 x 152 x 50mm


President Lincoln oversaw, argued with, and finally tamed his unruly team of lieutenants as the eastern army was stabilised by an unsung supporting cast of corps, division, and brigade generals. With characteristic style and insight, Stephen Sears brings these courageous, determined officers, who rose through the ranks and led from the front, to life and legend. “A masterful synthesis... a narrative about amazing courage and astonishing gutlessness… It explains why Union movements worked and, more often, didn't work in clear-eyed explanatory prose that's vivid and direct.” - Chicago Tribune “A monumental group biography… reminds us that the outcome of the war was not a foregone conclusion.” - The Wall Street Journal
Lincoln's Lieutenants 9780618428250 (Hardback)
The high command of the Army of the Potomac was a changeable, often dysfunctional band of brothers, going through the fires of war under seven commanding generals in three years, until Grant came east in 1864. The men in charge all too frequently appeared to be fighting against the administration in Washington instead of for it, increasingly cast as political pawns facing down a vindictive congressional Committee on the Conduct of the War.
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