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Matt Mair Lowery

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Paperback (BC)
19 Jun 2023
Simon & Schuster
224 pages - 259 x 168 x 14mm


The first full story arc of the NONSTOP hit series Lifeformed is collected in this trade paperback! Orphaned in the wake of an alien invasion, 11-year-old Cleo must leave behind the life she knew to fight for her own survival and the Earth's future. With the help of a rebel alien posing as her dad, Cleo learns how to survive and strike back against the invaders. Battling their way through the wreckage of the apocalypse, these two unlikely companions bond, ponder what it means to be human, and search for reasons to carry on.
From creators Matt Mair Lowery and Cassie Anderson (Extraordinary: A Story of an Ordinary Princess), Lifeformed is a coming-of-age story about 11-year-old Cleo, a girl against the world as she strikes back against the aliens invading Earth with the help of a rebel alien pretending to be her father.
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