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Last of the Sandwalkers

Jay Hosler

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01 Apr 2015
First Second
304 pages - 216 x 152 x 21mm

In the tradition of Watership Down—an intrepid beetle discovers a whole world beyond her desert home in this bug's-eye adventure!

Nestled in the grass under the big palm tree by the edge of the desert there is an entire civilization—a civilization of beetles. In this bug's paradise, beetles write books, run restaurants, and even do scientific research. One such scientist is Lucy, who leads a team of researchers out into the desert. Their mission is to discover something about the greater world...but what lies in wait for them is going to change everything Lucy thought she knew.

Beetles are not the only living creatures in the world.

Evolution (Hardcover) 9780809094769, Evolution 9780809043118

Deftly combining suspenseful adventure storytelling with the principles and tools of scientific inquiry, entomologist and cartoonist Jay Hosler has created in Last of the Sandwalkers a tale that satisfies and fascinates...and an epic adventure to boot.

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