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Keeping Life Simple

Karen Levine

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01 Apr 2005
Storey Publishing
384 pages - 107 x 107 x 25mm
Faced with jam-packed schedules and multiple responsibilities, stress seems to be the watch-word for life today. How do people who feel they are doing more/earning more/getting more but enjoying it all less manage to turn things around and focus on building more satisfying lives? How do they sort through all the "stuff" and find the meaning that they long for? How can they simplify and enhance their lives? KEEPING LIFE SIMPLE is a little book chock-full of simple, practical answers, each of which can be digested in a minute or less. Author Karen Levine offers 380 tips for ways to reduce the clutter, focus on what really matters, and enhance life's everyday moments, which, after all, make up most of life. Her no-nonsense solutions are offered in a reassuring and motivating tone, from one who has clearly been there her- self. As simple as they sound, these are the encouraging words of support that everyone craves to hear - permission to pare down, simplify, and enjoy life more. This little book, easily kept on a bedside table, in the car, or dropped in a purse, will be a welcome companion for anyone faced with the challenge of living today.

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