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Keeping Bees in Towns and Cities

Luke Dixon

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01 Oct 2012
Timber Press
184 pages - 230 x 190mm

Luke Dixon argues the case for urban beekeeping and then tells the reader everything they need to know about how to do it. From siting hives and reassuring the neighbours, to combating interference from wind, artificial light and predators, this is a one-stop reference to take the urban beekeeper from set-up to first honey harvest. Advice on equipment, planting, swarm prevention and management, and selling honey are all included.

• In 2010, bee colonies in Britain grew by 50% and 31% of the growth is in urban areas

• An in-depth guide to everything you need to know about keeping bees in town

• Author events and publicity TBC.

Luke Dixon is a professional beekeeper based in London. He manages hives for the London School of Economics, Coram’s Fields, Ted Baker and the National Magazine Company. He has also established hives for the Duke of Gloucester at Kensington Palace, Jordans Cereals, as well as for schools. He keeps his own hives in the gardens of London’s Natural History Museum.

If you long for your own hive but you live in a town - this book’s for you!

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