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Inside a Silver Box

Walter Mosley

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01 Feb 2015
304 pages - 210 x 140 x 28mm


Walter Mosley’s talent knows no bounds. Inside a Silver Box continues to explore the cosmic questions entertainingly discussed in his Crosstown to Oblivion. From life’s meaning to the nature of good and evil, Mosley takes readers on a speculative journey beyond reality.

In Inside a Silver Box, two people brought together by a horrific act are united in a common cause by the powers of the Silver Box. The two join to protect humanity from destruction by an alien race, the Laz, hell-bent on regaining control over the Silver Box, the most destructive and powerful tool in the universe. The Silver Box will stop at nothing to prevent its former master from returning to being, even if it means finishing the earth itself.

Merge / Disciple 9780765367983, Stepping Stone and the Love Machine 9780765330109, The Gift of Fire and on the Head of a Pin 9780765367976

New York Times bestselling author Walter Mosley delivers another thrilling speculative tale

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