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Incredible--and True!--Fishing Stories

Shaun Morey

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01 Jun 2014
224 pages - 00 x 00 x 00mm

Tales of disaster and revenge! Hilarious feats of bravery! Shocking acts of fish aggression! Impossible victories and crushing defeats! One hundred outrageous but true fishing stories that will wow adventurers and outdoorsman. From the merely astounding to the stretching credulity-these are fish tales that the author guarantees check out as all-true. You'll struggle along in a 37-hour fight with salmon. You'll gasp at the fisher who loses a thumb to a trout (don't worry-it turns up again!). These are tales of record-breaking catches, thousand-pound prizes, and gruelling battles in stormy seas. Ranging from one to three pages, the essays will be organized by theme: Remarkable Catches; Revenge of the Fish; Gruelling Battles; and Legends, Records, and Myths.

Incredible Fishing Stories 9781563056376

Shaun Morey's bestselling first book, Incredible Fishing Stories, has netted about 450,000 copies. Now that it has lived the good life, it'll be a mounted as a trophy (that is, o/p), to make way for this brand-new book. Here are 70 never-before-heard stories (from rod and reel to deepwater to hands-on wrestling with a 2,000 pound hammerhead shark) and about 30 stories revisited from the first book , with edits, additions and updates to make them totally current. With 100 new illustrations from a new artist and new photographs as well.

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