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Human Remains: The Complete Series

Peter Milligan

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Paperback (BC)
31 Oct 2022
Simon & Schuster
192 pages - 259 x 168 x 11mm


Dax and Bisa love each other. But in this new and terrifying world, love is dangerous. Feeling anything is dangerous. Love. Hate. Joy. Fear. Any of these in strong doses will bring a swift death. Earth has a new and terrible invader — monsters that smell the scent of emotion, salivate over the prey, and hunt the very feelings that make us human. A shocking tale of pent-up emotions and forced composure in the face of unspeakable horror…from one of the most celebrated writers in comics, Peter Milligan (X-Force, Enigma, Shade the Changing Man, Hellblazer) and breakout horror artist Sally Cantirino (I Walk With Monsters, The Final Girls). Collects the entire series. 'Human Remains might be the scariest Vault series to date.' – Gate Crashers “a brutal, visceral, soul crushing world where the barest hint of emotion can lead to a violent and bloody death.” - Multiversity Comics
Alien meets A Quiet Place in this science fiction tale of terror for fans of Josh Malerman’s Bird Box and Tim Lebbon’s The Silence about a post-apocalyptic world in which monsters hunt the things that make us human – where feeling is a dangerous thing. Live. Laugh. Love. Scream. DIE.
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