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How to Sell Your Crafts Online: A Step-by-step Guide to Successful Sales on Etsy and Beyond

Derrick Sutton

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01 Nov 2011
240 pages - 190 x 216mm

Getting noticed on Etsy amongst 400,000 competitors is tough, but with this accessible guide, it can be done. You will learn how to boost your Etsy shop sales, attract more potential customers, and stand out in your field.

Author Derrick Sutton lays out his secrets to success with simple, yet effective step-by-step actions that are accompanied by easy-to-follow screenshots. Even crafters who aren’t internet savvy will have no trouble completing the easy lessons and tasks to ensure that your shop is fully optimized.

Derrick shares his priceless advice on a variety of topics including:

How to design a catchy Etsy banner 

A crash course on photographing your goods 

How to use Google Analytics to track your progress 

Tips on how to use Facebook and Twitter effectively

Fail-safe copywriting secrets

Where to gain inspiration for blog posts

How to take advantage of Etsy’s Forums, Treasuries, Alchemy, and much more!

DERRICK SUTTON and his wife sell their artwork and jewelry in their Etsy store. After using simple internet marketing techniques to promote their work, they saw their Etsy sales increase dramatically. Based on these techniques, Derrick produced this guide to help other artists and crafters increase their success.

Take your craft sales to the next level!

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