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A Storey Basics Title

How to Make Chocolate Candies: Dipped, Rolled, and Filled Chocolates, Barks, Fruits, Fudge, and More (formerly Rolled and Filled Chocolates, Nut Barks, Chocolate-Covered Fruits, Fudge, and More)

Bill Collins

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01 Nov 2014
Storey Publishing
96 pages - 178 x 127 x 10mm
A Storey Basics Title

Everyone loves chocolate, and if they want to make chocolate candy at home, this book makes it easy to temper the chocolate, work with thickeners, boil sugar, use piping bags, store chocolate, shape and fill moulded chocolates, and dip chocolates.  In this Storey Basics book, readers will learn all of this and more so they can easily make the included recipes for rolled and filled chocolates, nut barks, chocolate-covered fruits, and fudge.

For everyone who has ever wanted to make chocolate candies at home but didn’t know where to begin, this book has all the basic techniques, clearly described and illustrated.

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