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House Jungle: Turn Your Home into a Plant-Filled Paradise

Annie Dornan-Smith

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Paperback (BC)
01 Sep 2017
Storey Publishing
104 pages - 165 x 165 x 5mm


With an emphasis on plants that add the most to the home décor while also being easy to care for, Dornan-Smith’s visual guide covers all the basics, including equipment, containers, soil preparation, light requirements and care techniques. Her plant illustrations show off the aesthetic features of each one, from palms and spider plants to succulents, hanging plants, bonsai, bamboo, air plants and herbs. The result is a book that is both fun to browse as well as useful and inspiring. The small format and delightful illustrations makes it a perfect housewarming gift.
In House Jungle, Annie Dornan-Smith presents a charmingly illustrated introduction to creating a plant paradise in any home.
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