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Here Comes Santa Cat

Deborah Underwood, Claudia Rueda

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01 Nov 2014
88 pages - 178 x 203 x 15mm

Christmas is coming, and Cat has a hunch he's not on Santa's "nice" list. Which means? No presents for Cat. So he tries to be good, but Cat and tree-decorating don't exactly mix, and children, it seems, aren't wild for his brand of gift-giving. Still, this holiday, Cat might surprise even himself with his generosity and leave the Grinchiest of readers laughing. Best of all, he may just get to meet the man in the red suit himself—and receive a holiday surprise of his own.

There's a new lovable, laughable, irascible cat joining the Christmas crew, and he's bringing gifts!

Watch out, Christmas—here comes Cat! The author of The Quiet Book and Here Comes the Easter Cat gives the gift of a second, hilarious Cat adventure

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