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Heavy: The Complete Series

Max Bemis

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Paperback (BC)
01 Oct 2024
Simon & Schuster
272 pages - 259 x 168 x 17mm


Paradise is lost and Heaven’s gotta wait… Bill may be dead, but he’s got a job to do. Welcome to the Big Wait, where folks who don’t quite make the cut go to work off their debt. Everyone in the Wait’s got a job. Bill is a Heavy, whose job is policing the multiverse, making sure bad eggs get what’s coming to them. He’s on track to earn his Climb and reunite with the woman he loves...until he meets his new partner: the worst dude of all time, someone he hates more than anything in eternity. Heavy is The Punisher for neurotics; Inception for the impatient; Preacher for… well, it’s a lot like Preacher. Max Bemis (Moon Knight, Centipede, X-Men: Worst X-Man Ever) and Eryk Donavan (Memetic, Ghost of Ohio) bring you a story about the existential purpose of dumb boys with big guns.
One part Preacher, one part Punisher, with a splattering of The Boys, HEAVY is a non-stop psychedelic supernatural action adventure where death does not equal rest and delivering justice to those who deserve it the most gets complicated.
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