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Headed for Trouble

Shiloh Walker

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01 Feb 2016
400 pages - 172 x 104 x 28mm


Neve McKay has finally come home after leaving years ago, vowing to never come back. But a dark secret is back to haunt her, in a very real and dangerous way. Neve needs protection, and she finds it in the form of the most sexy Scottish bartender she's ever laid eyes on. But as her demons close in, can even this man keep her safe?

Ian Campbell is blown away by Neve from the moment she walks into his bar. Achingly beautiful and stunningly passionate, she lives in fear of the man who ruined her...and is now hell-bent on finding her. Ian will never let harm come to the woman who makes him burn with desire, but her enemy is determined to end things his way...

DEEPER THAN NEED ISBN 9781250032409 and SWEETER THAN SIN ISBN 9781250032416

A woman fleeing her past comes home and winds up in the arms of a man aching to love and protect her...

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