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Gargoyles Series

Hard to Handle

Christine Warren

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01 Mar 2017
304 pages - 172 x 104 x 21mm
Gargoyles Series


Ash knows two things for certain: one, she has been summoned to the human plane to guard it against the forces of the Darkness; and two, since no other female Guardian has ever existed, something must be very, very wrong. She has little time to save humanity but an infinitely distracting human man keeps tempting her in ways she never imagined...

Michael Drummond just wants to keep his head down and his pub open, but when he's dragged into an epic end-of-the-world type battle between good and evil, he can't help but be a little off his game. The only plus side to the situation: his newly-found Guardian is the sexiest, most alluring woman he's ever laid eyes on, and she seems to want Michael almost as badly as he wants her. But with the earth is basically a ticking time bomb and all hope seems lost, can love really save the day?

HARD AS A ROCK ISBN 9781250012678 and ROCKED BY LOVE ISBN 9781250077370

There is nothing more powerful than a gargoyle - except for the one woman on Earth who can tame him.

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