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Gunslinger Girl Omnibus Collection 1 v. 1-3

Yu Aida, Yu Aida

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01 Mar 2011
Tor/Seven Seas
576 pages - 180 x 127 x 40mm


The Social Welfare Agency in Italy is not what it seems. Yes, it rescues young girls who have been brutalized. but it then brainwashes them and turns them into ruthless killers for an elite and secret counterterrorism unit for the Italian government. Enter a young girl named Henrietta. After witnessing the savage murder of her family and barely surviving, the Agency takes her in and repairs her injuries using the latest in cybernetic technology. All traces of Henrietta's past are wiped from her mind as she becomes one of the Agency's most lethal assassins. Yet despite her programming. Henrietta is troubled by fragmented memories. It is her handler's job, Jose, to keep her feelings in check and ensure that she stays on mission. This task is made all the more difficult because Henrietta bears a striking resemblance to Jose's younger sister who died in a car bombing years earlier.
Yu Aida, best known as the writer and artist of "Gunslinger Girl," resides in Tokyo, Japan.
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