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Guest: A Changeling Tale

Mary Downing Hahn

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Hardback (BB)
01 Oct 2019
Houghton Mifflin
224 pages - 203 x 152 x 16mm


When her adorable baby brother is replaced by an ugly, ill-tempered changeling, Mollie is determined to find the so-called Kinde Folke who took baby Thomas, return the changeling she calls Guest, and make them give Thomas back. Natural and magical obstacles and her own reckless temperament make her journey arduous and full of dangers, and a plot rich in surprises and twists makes this book a must-read for Mary Downing Hahn’s fans.
Took 9780544813106, One for Sorrow 9781328497987 and The Girl in the Locked Room 9781328850928
From the master of spookiness, Mary Downing Hahn. When malicious sprites called the Kinde Folke snatch Mollie's baby brother and replace him with a hideous changeling, Mollie travels through eerie, perilous lands to save him.
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