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Storey Basics

Growing Vegetables in Straw Bales: Easy Planting, Less Weeding, Early Harvests

Craig LeHoullier

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01 Feb 2016
Storey Publishing
80 pages - 177 x 127 x 5mm
Storey Basics

From sourcing the straw, planning what crops to grow, setting up and planting the bales, dealing with weeds and pests, and assessing the harvest, this Storey BASICS book gives readers just what they need to know to share in the excitement, fun, and rewards of this innovative growing technique.

9781612122083 Epic Tomatoes

This innovative technique is an inexpensive, low-maintenance way to grow a bounty of food in a small space. All you need is a bale of straw, some fertilizer, and your favourite vegetable seeds! Craig LeHoullier's step-by-step instructions show you how to do everything from sourcing the straw and setting up your bale to planting, dealing with weeds and pests, and harvesting.

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