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Growing Tasty Tropical Plants, in Any Home, Anywhere

Laurelynn Martin, Byron Martin

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06 Dec 2010
Storey Publishing
160 pages - 241 x 241 x 11mm
It's now possible in any climate, thanks to "Growing Tasty Tropical Plants in Any Home, Anywhere", the breakthrough book by Laurelynn Martin and Byron Martin. In this practical guide the owners of the acclaimed Logee's Tropical Plants draw on a century's worth of family secrets for lush, exotic edibles, all grown in containers indoors. The book covers 47 varieties of fruiting plants - from chocolate to cherries, from papaya to passion fruit, from grapefruit to guava. For each plant the Martins provide everything an enthusiast needs to know, including information on plant selection, planting, pruning, maintenance, and harvesting. They also provide guidelines for caring for container-grown fruit trees - watering, pest control, pruning, fertilizers, and troubleshooting. The book will have instant appeal to the ever-growing number of consumers interested in growing their own food, as well as house plant enthusiasts looking for new and unusual (an productive!) plants.

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