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Grow Your Soil!: Harness the Power of Microbes to Create Your Best Garden Ever

Diane Miessler

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Paperback (BC)
01 Mar 2020
Storey Publishing
192 pages - 152 x 228 x 12mm


It’s possible to create a productive garden with very few inputs, no fertilizer, and no tilling. Grow Your Soil! guides home gardeners through the process of creating and maintaining rich, dark, crumbly soil that’s teeming with life while cultivating a beautiful, bountiful garden. With a combination of cover crops, constant mulching, and a simple-but-supercharged recipe for compost tea, author Diane Miessler shares with readers the techniques she used to transformed her own land over the course of a decade from a roadside dump for broken asphalt into a garden that literally stops traffic.
The key to success for every gardening venture is rich soil. Achieving that basic building block is easy with this accessible soil improvement guide, which offers a broad understanding of the science of soil’s microbial life in an engaging, entertaining style.
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