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Got to Get to Bear's

Brian Lies

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Hardback (BB)
01 Nov 2018
Houghton Mifflin
32 pages - 266 x 216 x 8mm


Bear never asks for anything. So when she sends a note to Izzy urgently requesting her presence, Izzy can’t refuse! But a blizzard begins and slows Izzy's progress. As the snow accumulates, so do her friends, helping her on her way to Bear’s place. This heartwarming tale from best-selling author and illustrator Brian Lies shows readers the rewards of counting on friends to get you through, snowstorm or not.
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Bear never asks for anything. So when a letter arrives for the little chipmunk Izzy, urgently requesting her presence, she can’t refuse - even if there is a blizzard on the way! This heartwarming tale of friendship from bestselling author Brian Lies will melt even the chilliest of hearts.
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