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God Mode Vol. 1 The PS1 Cometh

Mike Rosenzweig

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Paperback (BC)
12 Aug 2024
Simon & Schuster
96 pages - 228 x 152 x 4mm


The beloved '00s gaming webcomic returns in an all-new prequel series made for print! Travel back in time to 1995, when Netscape was how you navigated the internet (if you'd heard of the internet), Nintendo was just Super, and American high schools were anything but a bully-free zone. It's a perfect world for Marceline, an angry gamer girl way ahead of her time. She's about to bully her motley crew of classmate colleagues into helping her make history.
The year is 1995, and teen Marceline's video game website God Mode is getting more hits than even AOL can handle! Will she ever find out who sent her a PlayStation console weeks before its release, and why?
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