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Piper and Porter Mysteries

Frozen Detective

Amanda Flower

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Paperback (BC)
09 Jan 2023
Simon & Schuster
336 pages - 216 x 140 x 21mm
Piper and Porter Mysteries


Intrigue, a fake relationship, and humour come together in a Knives Out-style cosy mystery from bestselling author Amanda Flower and Hallmark Publishing. A wealthy doctor invites many of his associates to spend a week at a giant, luxurious ski villa. Darby Piper, a seasoned private eye, and Tate Porter, her new partner at the detective agency, are among the guests, going undercover as a romantic couple. They were hired by the doctor’s much-younger wife to investigate anonymous threats against her husband’s life. But before long, Darby and Tate are investigating a murder instead. As they dig up buried grudges, Darby’s jealous ex-boyfriend on the police force thinks they’re wasting their time. Will Darby and Tate figure out who the killer is…or will it become another cold case? This cozy mystery contains a free Hallmark original recipe for Goat Cheese Phyllo Puffs
Murder on the ski slopes. The weapon? A bow and arrow. The suspects? Every guest at the villa.
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