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Frog Trouble

Sandra Boynton

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Mixed media product
02 Sep 2013
64 pages - 260 x 210mm

My very own heartbreak song (Bedtime! Clean my room! Take a bath!). Best friends who copy everything you do (Copycat). The cowboy town that suffered Frog Trouble in ’42. The fab new line dance-the Alligator Stroll (Complete with dance step instructions)-this jam-packed country music book and CD for kids covers all the love, friendship, heartbreak, heroism and especially humour that are touchstones of the genre, but with lyrics and music that any child, heck, anybody, will enjoy. The front half of the book features spreads for each song, with a full-page piece of art and partial lyrics set up as a little story. Sandy’s marvellous menagerie of energetic pigs, dogs, hippos, rabbits, ducks, turkeys – and, yes, many, many frogs-add additional life to the marvellous text, and help explain (in I Have a Dog) why a junkyard mutt who won’t sit, roll over, or beg is just about the best dog a kid can own. The music and full lyrics appear in the back section of the book.

Blue Moo 9780761147756, Philadelphia Chickens 9780761126362, Rhinoceros Tap 9780761133230

This full-colour book and CD includes new art and new country-style songs-sung by some of the biggest country artists performing today.

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