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Midnight Arcade

Excellent Ernesto Cousins 3/Wrestlevania: A Play-Your-Way Book

Gabe Soria

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Hardback (BB)
01 Oct 2018
288 pages - 211 x 140 x 25mm
Midnight Arcade


During a late-night stroll on your boring summer beach vacation, you discover a derelict video arcade managed by a ghostly attendant. Presented with a magical game token, you select one of two games you wish to play, the Excellent Ernesto Cousins 3 or Wrestlevania. Once you place the token in the slot, you have to make choices to advance through the games, and your decisions control whether you beat the game - or die. Both games feature unique challenges and life-like game play that will delight readers, and the most important choice in either game for those now trapped inside them, is the one that will keep them alive.
Crypt Quest/Space Battles: A Play-Your-Way Book 9781524784294
In this next installment of the new play-your-way adventure tale, players encounter a haunted arcade on a deserted boardwalk. Upon entering, the reader finds themselves absorbed into one of two video games in which the reader determines the course of action, ultimately controlling whether they live or die!
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