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Everyday Gratitude Frame-Ups: 50 Inspirational Prints to Put You in a Fresh Frame of Mind

A Network for Grateful Living

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Paperback (BC)
01 Oct 2019
Storey Publishing
100 pages - 178 x 178 x 6mm


From the creators of gratefulness.org and the best-selling book Everyday Gratitude comes a unique new format — Everyday Gratitude Frame-Ups — that offers a special way to display and cherish a curated collection of 50 inspiring quotes. The cleverly designed package includes a decorative stand-up frame that detaches from the inside front cover. Each quote, hand-lettered on a colorful background, appears on its own pull-out card that can be swapped for others in the collection as often as desired. The contents include 40 favorite quotes from Everyday Gratitude, plus 10 new ones. With an appealing home dec look and a beautiful gift package, Everyday Gratitude Frame-Ups is perfect for desktop, bedside table, kitchen counter, or wherever a little reminder to appreciate every moment is welcome.
Everyday Gratitude 9781635860467
A selection of inspirational quotes from the best-selling Everyday Gratitude are now available for tabletop display in this special frame-ups edition. The format features 50 pull-out cards with hand-lettered quotes (40 from the book plus 10 new ones) along with a beautifully designed frame on a stand-up easel so users can change the display card at will to match the mood of the day or week.
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