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Door to Door, Night by Night Vol. 2: Knocking On Heaven's Door

Cullen Bunn

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Paperback (BC)
11 Mar 2024
Simon & Schuster
128 pages - 277 x 175 x 8mm


It’s 1987, and the Heritage Mills sales team travels from town to town, knocking on doors. Each of them is still haunted by their own ghosts, closeted skeletons, and the real-life monsters that hide in the shadows. But now that the doors to an unseen world have been opened and the terrifying secrets - and monsters - unleashed, it's hard to rest. But being bone tired, even monster hunters/sales people need a well-deserved break. Don’t take the bait. Some evils follow you like a bloodhound. What happens when monsters aren't exactly as they seem? What happens when our team encounters the monster that other monsters fear? Sometimes no one gets out alive… Knock, knock. What’s there? Open the door if you dare…
The Last Book You'll Ever Read 9781638491088, Door to Door, Night by Night Vol. 1 9781638491712
A supernatural horror thriller splattered with dark humour in the vein of Grady Hendrix (My Best Friend’s Exorcism), Stranger Things, Welcome to Night Vale, Supernatural, and the Midnight, Texas series (Charlaine Harris), DOOR TO DOOR, NIGHT BY NIGHT Vol. 2: Knocking on Heaven's Door tells the tale of a monster-hunting, traveling sales team who find that once certain doors open, they are impossible to close. DAYLIGHT SALES CREW. MOONLIGHTING MONSTER HUNTERS
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