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Welcome Back to Scumble River

Die Me a River

Denise Swanson

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Paperback (BC)
01 Oct 2018
352 pages - 175 x 106 x 22mm
Welcome Back to Scumble River


Skye Denison-Boyd and her husband, Wally, are meeting with their priest to finalise the arrangements for their twins' baptism when a loud blast rocks the rectory. Seconds later, they discover that there has been an explosion at the town bowling alley. Although the bowling alley was closed at the time, there's a dead body inside, soon identified as Paige Myler. Paige was a representative for a huge property/casualty insurance company that many Scumble Riverites are suing in the wake of a recent tornado. Even with two newborns to care for, Skye can't help herself from looking more closely into the suspicious death - and what she finds is much more sinister than she ever imagined.
Tart of Darkness 9781492648383
In Scumble River, Skye investigates a suspicious death at the local bowling alley. And with a murderer on the loose, there's no time to spare.
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