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Desserts in Jars: 50 Sweet Treats That Shine

Shaina Olmanson

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01 Aug 2012
Houghton Mifflin
60 pages - 203 x 203mm

Some desserts in jars are baked or otherwise prepared right in the jar, while others are spooned into jars. Either way, the sparkling and pretty vessel and the appealing treat it holds make for a beautiful presentation. Olmanson's clever and cute desserts are at once playful and well-crafted, appropriate for a kids' birthday one weekend (Peanut Butter Cup Cupcakes) and a grown-up gathering, the next (Neapolitan Cakes). The book includes chapters on cakes, pies, crumbles and cobblers, quick breads and frozen indulgences like Strawberry Lemonade Granitas.

Desserts in jars are fun to make and, of course, to eat, and they are especially suited for gift-giving. They store, travel and stay fresh well, and even can be delivered with a lid on the jar and with gift tags, ribbons, and other embellishments.

Shaina Olmanson is a cook, writer, photographer, and mother of four young children. She writes the popular blog FoodforMyFamily.com, which was named one of the top ten Top 100 Mom Food Blogs by Babble.com for 2011, as well as a Top 10 Family Food Blog by My Life Scoop Blogs.com. Shaina is a daily contributor on Babble's Family Kitchen, has served as the food editor for LifetimeMoms, a digital property of A&E Networks, and contributes regularly to FoodYourWay.net and SimpleBites.net. She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Olmanson devotes a special chapter to as-yet-unbaked mixes, with the flour, brown sugar, and so on attractively layered in the jar, a timeless idea now undergoing its own revival.

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