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Design-Your-Garden Toolkit: Visualize the Perfect Combination for Your Yard; Step-by-Step Guide with Profiles of 128 Popular Plants, Reusable Cling Stickers, and Fold-Out Design Board

Michelle Gervais

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Paperback (BC)
01 Mar 2018
Storey Publishing
80 pages - 254 x 203 x 4mm


The durable cling stickers, with beautiful botanically accurate illustrations, can be layered, arranged, and rearranged to try out every variation before making any plant purchases. This book-and-kit combination makes it possible to create your dream border, bed, or backyard oasis without leaving your kitchen table!
Before picking up the trowel, pick up the stickers! With 150 reusable illustrated stickers - representing dozens of plant cultivars that are versatile, readily available, and suitable for most temperate growing zones - plus a fold-out design board and a book teaching five easy steps of garden design, you'll have everything you need to create your vision of the perfect garden.
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