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Delicious Poke Cakes: 80 Super Simple Desserts with an Extra Flavor Punch in Each Bite

Roxanne Wyss

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Paperback (BC)
01 Oct 2017
Macmillan [1570]
128 pages - 228 x 177 x 8mm


Poke cakes mean year-round fun and flavour. No stress - just rave reviews. From the authors of Delicious Dump Cakes, this collection of fifty tested recipes is a quick, easy guide to delicious desserts. Begin with a baked cake, prepared from a box mix, or use one of the cake recipes included. Poke holes in the baked cake with a fork, the handle of a wooden spoon, or a skewer so all of the goodness and flavour can soak into the cake. Then just pour pudding, a topping, glaze, gelatine, or sauce over the cake and let the flavour seep into every crevice and permeate every morsel of cake. Finish it off with a luscious, creamy whipped topping or frosting and suddenly that every day cake is new, unique, and oh-so-inviting, with an extra flavour punch in every bite.
SLOW COOKER DESSERTS 9781250059673 and THE NEWLYWED COOKBOOK 9781250054364
Delicious cakes with an extra flavour punch in every bite.
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