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Deep Listening: A Healing Practice to Calm Your Body, Clear Your Mind, and Open Your Heart

Jillian Pransky

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Hardback (BB)
01 Nov 2017
256 pages - 214 x 140mm


Before coming to yoga, Jillian Pransky was a typical “work hard, play hard” Type A personality whose approach to coping was to push through the pain. But after a devastating personal loss, she took a step back and considered the long-term negative impact that her lifestyle was having on her mental and physical health. Since then, Pransky has been devoted to mindfulness, deep relaxation, and compassionate listening practices that promote healing. In Deep Listening, Pransky presents her signature Calm Body, Clear Mind, Open Heart program, a 10-step technique she’s taught at wellness centers and retreats around the world. She combines yogic and meditation practices with breakthroughs in the field of Narrative Medicine, which examines how the stories we tell ourselves affect us and in some cases hold us back. Deep Listening teaches us to pause and truly hear—often for the first time—what our bodies and our minds are telling us. Her technique, which integrates tools like breath work, guided relaxation, movement, and journaling, in addition to specialized yoga sequences, kickstart the relaxation response, calming muscular tension and setting up the whole body for deep healing, growth, and repair.
World-renowned yoga teacher Jillian Pransky introduces her Calm Body, Clear Mind, Open Heart Program, which activates the relaxation response to heal the body and bring peace to the mind.
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