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Decoding Gardening Advice: The Science Behind the 100 Most Common Recommendations

Jeff Gillman, Meleah Maynard

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14 Feb 2012
Timber Press
224 pages - 150 x 230mm


Everyone seems to have advice for budding gardeners—divide perennials only in spring, never water plants in direct sunlight—but how much of this advice is grounded in science, reality, or even common sense? Taking nothing for granted, Jeff Gillman and Meleah Maynard back up every good recommendation with sound horticultural and botanical science. Find the answer to pressing questions such as: Will applying compost tea enrich your soil? Is phosphorus needed to increase bloom? Should you release beneficial insects into your garden? Should gardens always be mulched?

Covers every major gardening “do and don’t”

The best gardening practices in one book

Jeff Gillman is the author of two successful Timber titles, The Truth About Organic Gardening and The Truth About Garden Remedies

Jeff Gillman is an associate professor in the Department of Horticultural Science at the University of Minnesota. His previous books include The Truth about Garden Remedies and The Truth about Organic Gardening. Meleah Maynard is a journalist, editor, and master gardener. She writes regularly for many publications, and her garden and horticulture stories have appeared in magazines such as The History Channel Magazine, Gardening How-To, Garden and Deck & Landscape.

Every gardener needs these definitive dos and don’ts on everything from bulbs, annuals, and perennials to edibles, trees, and soil care.

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