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Cooking Solo: The Joy of Cooking for Yourself

Klancy Miller

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01 Apr 2016
Houghton Mifflin
240 pages - 228 x 203 x 15mm

At a time when 31 million American adults live alone, Klancy Miller is here to show that cooking for one is something to embrace. While making single servings from other cookbooks means scaling down ingredients, adjusting cooking times, or being stuck with leftovers, Cooking Solo gives readers just what they need to make a delicious meal all for themselves. Among the few other “cooking for one” books, this is the first by a hip young woman, whose vibrance and enthusiasm for cooking for herself comes through in the 100 attractive recipes like Tahitian Noodle Sandwich, Smoked Duck Breast Salad, Spicy Pork Burger with Coconut, and Mackerel with Lemon and Capers. Klancy also includes a chapter on entertaining at home, because being single still means having fun with friends.

100 delicious recipes to make meals for yourself with style, sophistication, and the occasional indulgence.

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