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Container Theme Gardens: 42 Combinations, Each Using 5 Perfectly Matched Plants

Nancy J. Ondra

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01 Jan 2016
Storey Publishing
272 pages - 241 x 203 x 17mm

Simple and foolproof! Enjoy beautiful container plantings with no stress or fuss. Container Theme Gardens offers 42 plans for container arrangements, each using just five specific plants that you can find at your local garden centre. There's something here for every setting and every style, including a meadow in a box, a pond in a pot, a simple salad garden, and a combination that will attract hummingbirds. Each plan includes photographs of what the full planting will look like, as well as a handy shopping list so you know exactly what you need.

9781612120041 Five Plant Gardens

With professional gardener Nancy J. Ondra as the guide, anyone (green thumb or not) can plant designer container gardens using just five plants carefully selected to be perfect partners. From elegant whites to rich reds and stunning succulents to wonderful window boxes, these 42 designs offer the perfect combination for every home style, container, and taste.

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