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Collective Wisdom: Lessons, Inspiration, and Advice from Women over 50

Grace Bonney

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Hardback (BB)
09 Nov 2021
400 pages - 254 x 203 x 34mm


POWERFUL WISDOM FROM THE ELDERS OF OUR COMMUNITIES In this rich and multilayered collection of interviews, conversations, and intimate photographs, over 100 trailblazing women describe the ups, downs, and lessons learned while forging their unique paths. Collective Wisdom celebrates the stories of those who have been there and know the road - from an Olympic athlete and a NASA team member to award-winning artists, activists, writers, and filmmakers, from women in their fifties to centenarians. It is also a tribute to the importance of intergenerational connections between women, with interviews conducted by daughters, friends, mentors, and colleagues. Collective Wisdom creates a living, breathing sense of community - a space where all of us can gather, listen, share, and learn.
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In the much-anticipated follow-up to the bestselling In the Company of Women, Grace Bonney turns her attention to older women in a celebration of intergenerational bonds between women, and the role those bonds play in sharing vital knowledge, stories, power, and history through generations.
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