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Clay Lord: Master of Golems Vol. 1

Jun Suzumoto

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01 May 2015
Seven Seas
176 pages - 181 x 127 x 13mm

The young and impressionable Clay is nothing short of enthralled by the outside world. Finding interest in the most mundane of details, Clay is a young man with a mysterious past and an awesome power to boot: he has the ability to create and shape golems.

When Clay decides to enter a golem-building contest which is sponsored by a local ruler, Clay may be getting more attention than he bargained for. Join fledgling golem-maker Clay and his eccentric companions as he continues to hone his unique abilities and sets out on a path of grand adventure.

Clay Lord: Master of Golems is an all-new action-adventure manga series about alchemy and golems. Featuring delightful shonen-style artwork in the vein of One Piece and Fairy Tail, Clay Lord: Master of Golems is sure to captivate fans of classic shonen fare like Full Metal Alchemist and Bleach.

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