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Classroom of the Elite (Light Novel)

Classroom of the Elite (Light Novel) Vol. 9

Syougo Kinugasa

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Paperback (BC)
24 Aug 2021
Seven Seas
336 pages - 180 x 127 x 21mm
Classroom of the Elite (Light Novel)


Students of the prestigious Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School are given remarkable freedom - if they can win, barter, or save enough points to work their way up the ranks! Ayanokouji Kiyotaka has landed at the bottom in the scorned Class D, where he meets Horikita Suzune, who’s determined to rise up the ladder to Class A. Can they beat the system in a school where cutthroat competition is the name of the game?
Classroom of the Elite (Light Novel) Vol. 1 9781642751376, Vol. 2 9781642751390, Vol. 3 9781642757231, Vol. 4 9781645051978, Vol. 4.5 9781645054375, Vol. 5 9781645054863, Vol. 6 9781645057512, Vol. 7 9781645058205, Vol. 7.5 9781645059752, Vol. 8 9781648272233
The cutthroat school drama light novels that inspired an anime!
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