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Chocolate: The Consuming Passion

Sandra Boynton

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01 Nov 2015
112 pages - 203 x 152 x 17mm


Here is the absolute ideal gift for every true chocolate obsessive, adults, kids, everyone in between and it's even better than actual chocolate, since this book will last SO much longer. And, unlike chocolate, the book is also great for sharing.

A New York Times bestseller in its original edition, with over 500,000 copies sold, Chocolate is a timeless illustrated classic, filled with useful facts and vital misinformation. And it has now been thoroughly updated, rewritten, and redrawn by Sandra Boynton with over 200 drawings featuring those beloved and often bewildered Boynton characters. The new research was extensive: Diligent to a fault, Boynton nobly sourced and consumed untold quantities of great chocolate, with no thought for her own personal safety.

Discover the many faces of chocolate - milk chocolate, dark chocolate, boxed chocolates, faux chocolate, and the exciting and intense new frontier known as "craft chocolate." Learn about chocolate’s complex effects on the body, the brain, and the soul. Prepare select simple recipes, such as "Hippo Pot de Mousse," specifically designed with the impatience of the chocolate-loving cook in mind. There’s even a handy guide to saying "Excuse me, where is the nearest chocolate?" in eleven languages. Including Klingon. Boldly go.

Research tells us that fourteen out of any ten individuals like chocolate. Using "like" as in "I like to breathe."

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